Communication Skills Course 2: Intermediate


Welcome to the Communication Skills Course 2: Intermediate!
In Communication Skills Course 1: Essential, you have been introduced to some foundational knowledge about communication, especially the four basic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in their application at University and beyond. This second course will build on your experience from the first course, and will expand your communication skills in specific ways that you will find useful in your university career and, later, on the job.

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Communication Skills Course 2: Intermediate includes a General Language Skills unit, just as General Communication Skills Course I did. Again, be reminded that at the heart of all communication is a good command of the language you are using. The fewer mistakes you make and the wider your knowledge in semantics (various words you can use), grammar (how to structure sentences and use the correct words forms) and stylistics (how to express yourself appropriately and efficiently), the more confident you will become in all communication processes. After checking on your competence in the use of tenses in Course I, this study session offers a survey of a further important aspect of language which can prove tricky to beginners and specialists alike in the field of vocabulary competence: Phrasal Verbs. Again, for students with a good command of English in all its aspects, this may be pure repetition, but it is an opportunity to check on your language competence in these important fields.

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